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Classerium offers a Solid solution for companies demanding an effective information delivery to engage their customers and employees.

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Key Features

Information delivery system for end users

Courses, automated Webinars, Articles. Live webinars, Conference Calls, one-o-one sessions, Store and huge online Events (Live Calls in development)

Payment management system

that can handle all relevant revenue streams. This includes stand-alone and recurring payments for subscription (in development).

High load proof

100 000 users in 10 seconds not a problem. Capable of higher loads and speed when needed.

Administration area

Access to all information about any user/performance in any language. With nice info-graphics.

Content management system

Allows our customers’ employees to create and manage any type of content, send it to moderation, publish/unpublish, and send emails & notifications to the involved users

Multilingual ecosystem

Multilingual ecosystem for 40+ languages. Requested language implementation -> 24 hours.

Why we are unique

We are the Super APP for corporates! And all you can eat for a reasonable price “as you go,” with free updates included at no extra cost.



Every type of content in one place Unlimited emails and notifications. Multilingual - 40+ languages. Behavioral tracking.



Add as many categories, languages, products as you want. A scalable structure based on Kubernetes will follow your needs.



Tweak the platform as your product/WebApp. Use Your brand colors, information and set-up emails. No expert skills needed.

Business model

Business model

We provide the platform, but we can also help you organize business processes to maximize revenue from using our product.

Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.

Aaron Swartz

Why it’s important


68% of trained customers use the product more and can increase a company's profit 228%

TSIA and Bain & Company, 2018


of consumers say customer experience needs improvement.Hard to structure all information in one place. Different platforms for texts, videos, webinars etc..


Employees after proper training became 39% more productive and sell 33% more

Axonify, 2020

How it works

Please check the short video that explains what essential functions you will get as a Classerium Customer. Please remember Classerium can customize the whole platform with your corporate identity.



Ideal for businesses who can use Classerium as it is, with no special features/integration needed...

  • 5€ per user per month
  • 1 month money back guarantee *
  • 24 hours guaranteed installation time (AWS)
  • All features available from day 1
  • Marketing and transactional emails, including notifications
  • Courses with Episodes, Articles, Prerecorded webinars with automation, History, Favorites and much more
  • Visual Customisation
  • Free Updates, Support @ Working Hours
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Ideal for businesses needing connections with corporate SSO and ERP systems, webhooks, etc.

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Cumulative Pricing Discounts
  • Custom SSO integration
  • Custom API integration
  • Data Base Synchronisation
  • AWS, GCP, Azure or Oracle installation
  • Dedicated Classerium Contact Person
  • Special features development
  • Highload Ready (10k users per second+)
  • Premium Support; 99,95% Uptime
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Sales *

*available soon

Ideal for businesses who additionally want to use the Classerium Platform directly for up-sells or sales

Everything in Enterprise, plus:

  • Commision Based Pricing + 1€ per active user per month
  • Subscriptions and stand alone payments, Store integration
  • Payment Management System
  • Payouts for Speakers and more
  • Stripe (or other PG) integration
  • Built in Refferal System
  • HeatMap of the website
  • FB and Google Ads integration
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Most frequently asked questions

Who produces the content for the platform?
You do, as a customer you are solely responsible for populating the platform with content.
What can I change on the platform?
You can change the colors of any element based on the design system, interface naming, logos and email design. You can’t change the layout of the pages and the general logic of the platform.
How can I manage content?
You will have full access to content creation and moderation via the internal CMS. It allows you to create any content and manage it in minutes.
Can I use several languages on the platform?
Yes, currently we support 49 languages for interface and content. In case you are missing some - we can add it within 24 hours.
How can I upload my employee and customer database on your platform?
We will help you to upload your various Databases securely with a script from a CSV file. Your information is in good hands.
I want a unique feature that is not currently existing. Can you provide this?
Yes, it's doable. In case your suggested feature makes sense in our standard platform functionality - we will prioritize it in our development plan. In case the required feauture works only for you - we will estimate the cost based on hourly rates, and you will be able to start using it within a short period of time.

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